Brampton Obstetric Office


Q: Do I need a companion?

 A: A consult with Dr. Abou-Seido in obstetrics or gynaecology may include a vaginal examination. If you feel the need of a companion during that delicate examination, please feel free to have a relative, family member or a friend to accompany you.

Q: I had tubal occlusion, why do I need to have pregnancy test before my operation?

 A: Hospital regulations and risk management requires that any woman below the age of 55 to have a pregnancy test few days prior to surgery.

 Q: I had my period today, Should I come for colposcopy?

 A: Colposcopy is more useful with clear cervix and without bleeding however in some instances persistent bleeding may be due to cervical lesion and colposcopy Should still be performed.

 Q: I am pregnant and have non obstetric condition, should I wait for my appointment with the obstetrician?

 A: Pregnant women may have ailments that needs attention like ear infection or eye redness. These conditions may be dealt with by the family physicians.


A: Due to the insecure nature of e-mail communication, we do not wish to use email as a means of communication with the public or patients
 (i) regarding questions or issues of a medical nature;
 (ii) to establish physician/patient relationships;
 (iii) to book or cancel appointments; or
 (iv) for inquiries regarding fees, services or similar matters.

E-mail communications regarding such matters may not be responded to and may be discarded unread. If you wish to contact us regarding medical questions or issues or with regard to health or other questions please do so by telephone, fax or regular mail in the manner set out in this web site.