Brampton Obstetric Office

Our office will call you regarding your surgery date and time when our schedule is confirmed by the hospital. If you agree to the time/date for the surgery, we will start the booking process and you will need to follow these instructions:

Two weeks before your scheduled surgery, please bring “ Pre-operative History and Physical Examination Form” to your Family Doctor, please request him/her to fill out this form. This form is valid only 2-3 weeks before surgery

You will expect a phone call from a hospital staff regarding your Pre-Anesthesia Appointment. You may be seen by a Nurse or Anesthesiologist at Pre-Anesthesia Clinic or you may also be assessed over the telephone. The pre-op clinic is on the 2nd floor,  Brampton Civic hospital , Room 250. the phone is

T: 905-494-6591.

You need to bring the form “Pre-operative History and Physical Examination Form” filled by your family doctor to the nurse.


  • Please come to the hospital 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time. 
  • No eating or drinking after midnight (8 hours) before your scheduled surgery
  • Remember to take your morning medications with a sip of water. 
  • Follow “Instructions to Patients” form that we gave  to you.